Hey there, welcome to Two Girls Atelier!

Owners/Designers and Entrepreneurs

Thanks for checking out our About Us page, we are so happy to have you! We are two sets sisters living on the West Coast who love inspiring joy in others.

Letters and cards are an important way of communication. Now that we’re separated more physically, it’s so important not to become separated emotionally. And doesn’t receiving a personal letter in the mail mean more to you than a text? Add bonus points if it has a fancy wax seal! After all, what girl hasn’t wanted to use or receive a wax seal after watching the Scarlet Pimpernel or another classic period piece? 😉 We know we can’t be the only ones. 😉

So our goal at Two Girls Atelier is to make things easy for you to be able to write letters/cards that include the extra touches that make them truly special to the ones to whom you write; the gift that we would want to receive. The classic charm of snail mail that makes us feel genuinely excited to send a letter to somebody else! 

With our high quality paper and tasteful designs it is both easy and a pleasure to write to friends or family. And you can shop knowing that with every little order there are four little girls dancing with joy in their atelier. 

In conclusion, whether you are just beginning to love letterwriting, or are a confirmed letterwriting aficionado, we want to help you add joy to your letters and hopefully your life with matching cards, stationery, stickers, and more! 

Please, if you need any help at all while on our website, do not hesitate to contact us, we are eager to help you!

Enjoy your visit and thank you for supporting our small business!

~Annalise, Alina, Desirèe and Paige